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High Quality

High-precision films are manufactured in a clean room by skilled technique.
These are used in a wide range of fields such as electronic materials, automobiles, and apparel.

Response Capability

We manufacture films that meet your needs with our abundant experience and know-how.
We also accept consultations on filming ultra-high heat resistant resins such as engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.

Development System

We have a complete development system from raw material procurement to compounding and film production by OG Group’s network. We are also working on the development of environmentally friendly products.


Product List


We will flexibly respond to customer requests from prototype to mass production.
We have ISO9001, and continue to receive orders due to our established quality control system and abundant experience.

We support not only film users but also resin manufacturers to consider making their own products into films.

Manufacturing Facility
Please feel free to contact us.