Group Companies

Domestic Companies

Manufacturing and Processing

Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.Manufacture, sale, import and export of industrial chemicals, textile chemicals, flame retardants, paper chemicals, germicides, fungicides, and insecticides.
Yamago Kasei Industries Co., Ltd.Manufacture and sales of plastic molding and compounds
Asahitechno Industries Co.,Ltd.Consignment processing of synthetic resin, manufacture and sales of master batches of polyethylene additives, synthetic resin compound manufacturing test, etc.
OG Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.Manufacture and sales of paint thinners, lacquer thinners, general solvents and auto chemical products.
Suzukawa Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.Manufacture and sales of sodium silicate for paper, construction materials, casting and detergents, chemicals for waste water disposal, urea water for denitration, antifoaming agents, surface coating agents, paper adhesives for household use, and other contract processing
Toa Kasei Co., Ltd.・Sales and export of dyes, industrial chemicals, oil solutions, various
solvents and factory equipment
・Sales of factory fuels, solvents (heavy oil, gasoline, and other solvents), floor-coating materials (abrasion-resistant floor materials) and general construction materials (heat Insulating materials, chipboards and decorative sheets)
・Production, processing, and sales of dyes, pigments (for coloring fabrics and paper pulps), oil solutions for industrial use, synthetic resins, and substrates for mixed paper and pulp materials. Blending and sales of organic solvents
・Testing of dyes for textiles and papers, assessment of dyestuff and consultation on dying technologies
F.O. TEC Co., Ltd.Manufacture and sales of ground calcium carbonate processing and sales of kaolin.


OG CORPORATIONSales, export, and import a wide range of products including dyes, pigments, dyeing chemicals, industrial chemicals, paints, raw resins, resin products, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, and software products.
OG CORPORATION is our parent company. 
For inquiries regarding products other than ours, please contact OG CORPORATION.
T. Chatani & Co., Ltd.Import, export, manufacture and sales of automobiles and automotive products, construction machinery, machinery for materials handling and transport, facilities, tires, control and measuring instruments, electric and electronic equipment, tools, machinery tools, steel products, construction materials, home appliances, general merchandise, furnishings for interior decoration, imported goods and other products.
Daido Sangyo Co., Ltd.Sales of conductive paste, silicon products, industrial chemicals, resin materials, molding, packaging materials and related electronic parts, films, self-adhesive labels, label-related equipment, and filters
OG Wakayama Co., Ltd.Sales of dyestuff and pigments, fiber finishing agents, functional processing agents, intermediates, organic and inorganic chemicals, resin additives, etc.
Yamato Trading Company Co., Ltd.Trading and sales of a wide assortment of twine, net-wrap, wrap film for silage and various agricultural and livestock equipment.
Nagase-OG Colors & Chemicals Co., Ltd.Sales of dyes and pigments, textile-processing chemicals, functional processing agents, industrial chemicals, petrochemicals and textile products, and related consulting services.
Chuwa Chemical Co., Ltd.Sales of pigment coloring agents (for fibers, synthetic resins, inks, etc.), surfactants (fiber oil solutions, dispersing agents, de-foaming and washing agents), various additives such as synthetic resins, stabilizers, antistats and UV-poretective agents, and incinerators.

Overseas Companies

East Asia

ChinaQINGDAO OG PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD.Manufacture and sales of shag implant processed goods, injection-molded & assembled synthetic resins and extrusion-molded products.
ChinaOG TRADING(HONG KONG)CO., LTD.Export, import, sales, wholesale and retail sales of chemical products, resins, dyestuff and pigments.
ChinaSHANGHAI OG TRADING CO., LTD.Export, import and sales of dyestuff, pigments, intermediates, organic & inorganic chemicals, raw & final synthetic resins and other chemicals.
TaiwanOG. ASIA (TAIWAN) CORPORATION・Import, export and sales of dyestuff, pigments,
intermediates, organic & inorganic chemicals, raw & final synthetic resins and other chemicals
・Processing and sales of fire retardant
KoreaOSAKAGODO KOREA CORPORATIONPurchase and sale, intermediary service, representative service, processing, exporting and importing of dye and pigment, intermediate, organic and inorganic chemicals, resin materials and products and chemical products.


ThailandOG TRADING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.Sales, export and import of dyes, pigments, textile chemicals, plastics, additives for plastics, bagasse & bamboo pulp and chemicals for industrial use.
ThailandMC GroupImport, export and sales of synthetic resins, organic and inorganic chemicals, solvents, paints, fiber treatments, medicines and other chemicals
IndonesiaPT. OG ASIA INDONESIAImport, export and sales of transport aircraft and food-related, inorganic & organic chemicals, raw resins, specialty films, electronic materials, fine chemicals
VietnamOG TRADING VIETNAM CO., LTD.Export, import and sales of paper chemicals and other chemicals


MELOG SPECIALITY CHEMICALS PVT .LTD.Production and sales of functional resin monomers (4,4′-biphenol/CAS92-88-6), custom synthesis of special chemicals and OEM
ARVIND OG NONWOVENS PVT. LTD.Manufacture and sales of short-fiber non-woven fabric (needle-punch non-woven fabric)
OG CORPORATION INDIA PVT. LTD.Chemicals and Functional resin monomer, Resin additive, Dye, Pigment and Import, export and sale of fiber for drug


OG AMERICA, INC.Export, import and sales of fine chemicals, inorganic & organic chemicals, dyestuff, pigments & color chemicals, plastics, raw resins & specialty films and electronic materials
IKE TRADING CO., LTD.Export and sales of broad leaf tree logs, veneer, plywood and lumber processed products