Product List

Functional Films

Non porous film which is manufactured from polyester elastomer and has excellent moisture permeability, breathability, waterproof and windproof character
Applications: Outdoor clothes, Bed sheet

PS-Based Film for Recyclable Labels
PS/ABS film that can be recycled together with PS /ABS molded parts
Applications: Label for home appliance

Ultra-Soft / Soft / Hard PBT Film
Polybutylene terephthalate resin film that has excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability. We have different types of softness
Applications: Electronic component, Semiconductor process tape

Impregnating Resin Film for CFRTP / GFRTP
Various resins such as olefin and engineering plastic can be made into a film with the accurate basis weight by our good thickness accuracy
Applications: CFRTP prepreg, GFRTP prepreg

Adhesive Film
Acid-modified polyolefin film with excellent adhesion to different materials and mechanical properties
Applications: Building material, Electronic component

Ionomer film
It has excellent flexibility and adhesion to metal.
Applications: Process tape, Electronic component

Ultra High Heat Resistant Resin Films

PA9T Film
Excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, Low hygroscopicity among polyamides
Applications: Automotive part, Electronic component

PEI Film
Polyetherimide resin film which has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and electrical characteristics
Applications: Automotive part, Electronic component

PES Film
Polyether sulfone resin film which has excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, and dimensional stability
Applications: Automotive part, Electronic component

We have other products besides the above. We also accept custom-made products.