Privacy Policy

1. How we use personal information

OG FILM CORPORATION uses personal information that it collects only within the scope of business activities for the following purposes.

  • To supply handled products and services
  • To provide information on and propose handled products and services
  • To plan, develop and survey use of handled products and services
  • To execute rights and perform obligations set forth in laws and agreements
  • To communicate and make inquiries with customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • To reply to inquiries and requests from customers, etc.
  • To announce events staged or sponsored by the company
  • Investor relations
  • Recruiting activities
  • To smoothly conduct other business operations

2. Our provision of personal information to third parties

OG FILM CORPORATION does not disclose personal information it possesses to third parties, except in the following cases.

  1. With the consent of the concerned individual
  2. If required by law
  3. If required to save lives, prevent injury or protect property, and consent cannot be obtained from the concerned individual
  4. If specifically required to improve public hygiene or ensure a healthy upbringing of a child, and consent cannot be obtained from the concerned individual
  5. If required to cooperate with national or local authorities or their representatives in legally mandated operations, and obtaining consent from the concerned individual may obstruct said operations
  6. If provided to contractors of OG FILM CORPORATION within the purposes of use described above
  7. If business operations are taken over by merger, etc.
  8. If the personal information was collected specifically for provision to a third party, and the said purpose, data content, means by which said information is provided and where the concerned individual can request that the said information not be provided are made known to and can be easily acquired by the concerned individual
  9. In order to reply appropriately to inquiries, demands, information requests and the like from customers, etc., OG FILM CORPORATION shares names and contact information (postal codes, physical addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses) with affiliated companies. OG FILM CORPORATION takes responsibility for managing the personal information of customers, etc. in such case

3. How to inquire about and request disclosure or other handling of personal information

Requests from individuals or their representatives to disclose, inform the purpose of use of, correct, add, delete, stop usage of, permanently erase, or cease providing to third parties (collectively referred to hereinafter as “disclosure, etc.”) their personal information can be made to OG FILM CORPORATION as follows.

1. Where to submit inquiries, etc. concerning personal information
Submit inquires, etc. concerning personal information possessed by OG FILM CORPORATION to the below office.

2. Disclosure, etc. of personal information
OG FILM CORPORATION promptly responds to requests from concerned individuals to disclose, correct, stop usage of, delete, etc. personal information according to predetermined procedures, as set forth in the Personal Information Protection Law.